Other Services

Knitting and crochet kits
These make unique gifts and can be tailored to fit the skill level and specific interest of the recipient. All the necessary instructions, wool and tools are included to complete the chosen project. These can also be ‘pre-started’ if required.

Children's PartiesI am also happy to discuss ideas for craft evenings/parties. This can be just a group of friends getting together to learn a new skill in an informal environment. Alternatively, people can make pieces of knitting or crochet at the party. I can then later join together to make a gift for the person celebrating a special birthday or event in their life. This is a unique gift that is truly a ‘one-off’. Ideas include bunting, cushions or throws but the only limit is your imagination!

The skill level of the guests will determine the complexity of the project that can be undertaken but all abilities catered for!

Sewing Up Service
Many people enjoy knitting but HATE the sewing up afterwards! Projects sit in bags waiting to be completed and then get forgotten. I am happy to finish off these neglected masterpieces and sew them together giving you the satisfaction in knowing that all your hard work hasn’t been in vain after all!

Prices for kits, parties and sewing up would all be quoted on a ‘one-off’ basis and I am very happy to discuss your individual requirements – please get in touch for more details.